Stay safe while adding lightning speed to your website

Why Premium Hosting?

Does your Website Hosting service comply with the 5 S’s? Finding a clean and optimised server, or host, is important for having lightning fast clicks, speedy updates, and high security. The 5 S’s must be considered and ultimately met to ensure your website is fully optimised and valued by Google.

Speed, Stability, Security, Scalability and Sterility are essential to maximise the performance of your website. Saving a few pounds here could cost you thousands in lost business.


Our Premium Hosting

Our customised hosting solutions are accessed by all of our clients to meet the 5 S’s.

  • Personal management of every component of your website, security checks, updates etc
  • Lightning fast servers that deliver rapid loading time and low bounce rate.
  • SSL certification so that the link between your website and user is secure.
  • Server usage limitations ensure you are not sharing space with too many other websites therefore delivering superior server performance.
  • Antivirus and Malware scanning ensures that your website is completely clean and any viruses are removed.
  • DDoS prevention & Firewalls to stop network attacks. Continuous site monitoring ensure all plug-ins are up to date and your site is protected against any vulnerabilities.
  • Contact us now for more information and how to upgrade your hosting to servers that are optimised to serve your website with dedicated speed and resources.

Take control of your online hosting, upgrade to a more secure offering that meets all the 5 S’s.  All our offerings come with a complimentary web presence review and advice on the way forward for your website design and social media set up. Click below for more information on how to upgrade to Premium Hosting!


Our servers are dedicated and optimized to wordpress websites.


We have weekly backups sent to Amazon S3 with an instant retrieval system.


Always have the latest version of each plugin and theme available.

100% CLEAN

We never accept any adult or pharma websites on our servers.